viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

The White Line...

With the white chalk in my hand I'm drawing a line... pretty fine line. It's not personal, I swear. I surelly can be your friend, but I can't be your witness. All the things that happened between us will be always in my mind... the good ones of course make me feel lucky for knowing that feeling I didn't even think I could ever feel... The bad ones, well, they'll be always in my mind to remind me why it had to end... however, you will always be a special person to me, even when we are already movin' on...
I'll be there if you need me, you know for sure where to find me. And I really hope one day you can understand that I really don't have any bad feelings for you, because I understand everything and I see things clearly, I honestly wish you the best you can have in the world.
I deeply respect you have a new life, so, then... the line starts and ends just right here. Don't get me wrong, we are still O.k., we'll be always O.k. It's just that interfering is not my thing and although I'm trully glad for you to start this new life I don't really wanna see it (and I should not see it 'coz it's not my life, it's yours, and I'm not part of this anymore). I can not witness everything, and I'm a little bit tired of the "stage" and the people watching and talking... it's time for me to go down, get lost in the crowd and do my own things... Sometimes, disappearing is what I do best... I'm alright, really alright, and I still care for you but like I said, it's a matter of respect for you and your life... no harm intended. Let you COMPLETELY free as I'm starting to feel free also. I'll get over form everything that happen to me lately... I'm strong enough I know.
So, you know where to find me if you should someday need a good friend (although I know you have a lot of people who loves you and supports you)... we are O.k., we really are. Please don't misunderstand.
Like you said it yourself "We can never know what will happen"... yes, you're right! We can never know... and I really and deeply hope one of these days we can really call each other: FRIEND!
Hugs, and wish you the best!

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